Skuffende nederlag i Holstebro

Disappointing defeat
in Holstebro

Team Fjelsted followed Holstebro to door in a thrilling return match; but the strenuous efforts did not suffice for victory. The result was 45-39, and Holstebro took the bonus point.


Troy Batchelor (yellow) and Patrick Hougaard (white) made a sustained effort to defeat Holstebro and got good help of C-driver Daniel Kaczmarek. However, it was not enough to drive the win. (Photo: © John L. Hansen)

As you know, had team manager Morten Svendsen once again had to fight hard to find replacements for the four of gross squad riders who because of injury or international commitments were prevented from standing up for Friday’s away match against Holstebro. Although it was possible; but with three guest riders on the team, it was obviously difficult to predict the relative strength of the two teams and Team Fjelsteds opportunities to get a victory and three points home with them from the return match.
So it was a pleasant surprise when it turned out that the team was able to keep pace with the hosts so much along the way that the match was only decided in the final heats.

Not least, it was clear that Troy Batchelor found himself a whole lot better at Holstebro track than he had done it on the field in Munkebo, and he thus lived up to the team leader’s predictions and drove straight up with his counterpart from Holstebro. So did both Patrick Hougaard and Frederik Jakobsen, but most impressive was the young Polish C-running Daniel Kaczmarek, who debuted in the Danish league with a score of 10 points and joined in the fight for the title as the League’s best C- running.

In turn tricks the part of Swedish Pontus Aspgren to live up to its classification as B-runs. It is true, feature of the story is that he damaged one of his bike as he drove across the finish line in today’s first race, but even on that basis, his score of only 3 points can not be called satisfactory, and it was probably one of the reasons, to Fjelsted faced a defeat at 45-39.

– I’m dissapointed! We were there and we were with, so I think we deserved to win, came from Morten Svendsen after the match. And I am convinced that we had done that, if only we had been able to put up with the strongest lineup.
– We have made ​​so much of it right with this team, and we have come so far, and it’s frankly ass-pounding annoying that we will be as hard hit by injuries, it crumbles, he adds frustrated.

Despite the disappointing result is Team Fjelsted However, now virtually assured of a place in the super finals, while neither Holstebro or Holsted seems to have great chances to finish in the Top 4
– But it’s not quite as fun to make as number four, so now we would like to win our last two matches, ending the team leader.


Holstebro Speedway Elite 45     Team Fjelsted 39
1. Andrej Karpov (B) 13 1. Troy Batchelor (A) 13 + 1
2. Jesper B. Monberg (B)  9 + 3 2. Pontus Aspgren (B)  3
3. Bjarne Pedersen (A) 10 + 1 3. Patrick Hougaard (B) 10
4. Thomas Jørgensen (C) 10 + 2 4. Daniel Kaczmarek (C) 10
5. Mikkelsen B. Andersen (D)  3 + 1 5. Frederik Jakobsen (D)  3 + 1

Today’s fighter: Thomas Jørgensen, HoSK